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Lancelot FeLV & FIV

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    UPDATE: Nov. 2017
    Lancelot was humanely euthanized due to his kidney failure and FELV/FIV status.
    He lasted with us many years and we miss him terribly ...

    Please sponsor our dear beloved Lancelot who came to us 3-4 years ago. He had been very badly abused for years.
    When he came to us, he was totally defensive and aggressive. He lashed out at both people and cats. Our vet put him on Prozac, which transformed him.
    He began to calm down. I was able to work with him, carefully pet him, give him kitty kisses. He is now a loving, gentle cat, which is his true nature. He is positive for both felv and fiv, so he does have ongoing health issues. In spite of his challenges, he's a fighter who keeps winning! He celebrated his eleventh birthday this year!

    Gorgeous Lancelot. He was saved by a rescuer in Westchester County. He had been badly abused by the family who had him. He is both felv+ and fiv+. He is now a happy relaxed boy who no longer shows signs if abuse.
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