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Foundation Donors

We at Aslans Cats are the proud recipients of grants from the following organizations. We are grateful and thank them enormously for their support in helping us to further our mission to provide a safe haven for these sentient beings.
  • SQ Foundation
  • The Binky Foundation
  • Sidewalk Angels Foundation
  • Art For Animals
  • Petsmart
  • Greg Biffle Foundation
  • The Ryan Newman Foundation
    "We at Aslans Cats have received a grant from the Norman E. & Gwyneth L. Staats Foundation.
    We are so very grateful to them and we thank them graciously for this generous gift for the cats.
    The money will be used to pay for their medical bills."

One Time Donors

Contact Information

Email Us: info@aslanscats.org

P.O. Box 12
Verbank, New York,12585

Put Smiles On Aslans Kitties Faces!

"Aslans Cats always does it's best to take in cats in the most desperate situations and often these kitties come to us in need of extensive and very expensive medical care. In honor of "National Pet Dental Health Awareness Month", we are launching a fundraiser effort to help a program we have created called "Happy Smiles".

It is for the cats with serious mouth issues,as poor mouth health can lead to many other serious illnesses, and the treatments we provide to the cats in our care at Aslans require extensive dental procedures such as extractions often running into the thousands of dollars each.


All of our cats in need will be scheduled for dental visits and the requisite extractions as needed, because WE CANNOT let them suffer.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP to enable us to care for them while continuing their ongoing care at Aslans Cats.

All told, Aslan's medical bills - Even with Vet discounts - run us somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 thousand dollars a MONTH! Not including Emergencies.

Our Mission

Aslan's Cats was founded to help cats that are positive for Feline Leukemia. We are unique because the cats live in a house, a home. They are not segregated to a separate building. We do this so the cats get alot of love and attention round the clock. We take in only Feline Leukemia positive cats and kittens, friendly or feral, because there are so few places for them to go. They live out their lives in a stress free, loving environment.

The cats are given high quality food, vitamins and supplements. They are frequently taken to our veterinarians. We use many life saving treatments, working with both allopathic and holistic medicines. We are even using newer treatments to help boost their immune systems to enable them to live longer and healthier lives.

We are hoping our work will help Feline Leukemia cats everywhere, not just at Aslan's Cats.

We want to help educate people about this disease to be less fearful of it, so they will consider adopting Feline Leukemia Positive cats.

Our goal is to give the cats quality lives, filled with love and joy, no matter how long or short.

Latest News!

Aslans Cats receives grant from the venerable Build-a-Bear Foundation to help further our mission to spay and neuter all cats that are admitted to our organization. We thank them so much for their contribution and are so excited that they believe in the mission of Aslans Cats.

Wall Of Support & Love

With HEARTFELT THANKS from, Hilary, Sabrina and all of our Kitties!

We appreciate your kind donations to Aslan’s Cats!

Janet Franklin & Enid Redfern, NYC

Kevin Godbey from Littleton, Colorado

Deb Wantuch, from Queens, NY

Jill Dosik, NYC

Marilyn Karpoff, NYC

Yvette Cruz, Harlem, NY

Michel & Barbara Boudot, Montreal, Canada

Ken Hansen, Lagrangeville, NY

Herman Hansen, Yonkers, NY

Patrice Stabile, Wappingers Falls, NY

Aslans Cats' is a proud recipient of the SPCA International ''Shelter of the Week'' Award

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We at Aslans thank our Guardian Angels tremendously for their ongoing support in helping us at Aslans.

Wellness Days At Aslans

In addition to bringing our cats for checkups, Dr. Megan Dundas visits our home once a month for wellness days ... Where the hard to trap ferals are tended to as well as our other cats. These visits are crucial to the success and well being of our animals.

In Memory Of Whitey Boy

Too soon departed,
we miss him terribly ...

GuideStar & Adopt-A-Pet Seal of Approval